Are you reviewing your Company Motor Vehicle Policy with a view to cutting costs and creating efficiency?

While this is a very important and much needed review, we are not seeing much science being applied to the solutions being proposed.

In the not-for-profit sector in particular, we are seeing a growing propensity to ask employees to use their own private vehicles in the discharge of their duties.

The policy of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is increasingly prevalent in our schools and work-places. While this policy works for computers, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices, applying it to motor vehicles is another issue entirely.

For many roles, the move from a traditional Company provided vehicle to a Vehicle Cash Allowance and Novated Lease arrangements is highly desirable and indeed, good policy for both the Employer and Employee.

However, asking employees to use their own car as a Job Facility vehicle is at best inappropriate and at worst, fraught with danger.

Things to consider

How Trinitas will help!

Our fleet review process focusses on delivering cost savings through greater efficiency in procurement, financing and overall management of your fleet, thereby allowing your employees and available financial resources to be used far more efficiently in delivering your services to your clients

  1. Review the requirements of your fleet;
  2. Conduct “fit-for-purpose’ modelling to acquire the most appropriate, modern and safe vehicles;
  3. Categorise your fleet separating Private Use vehicles from Job Facility vehicles
  4. Ensure compliance with Fringe Benefits Tax legislation
  5. Implement strategies for the future procurement, financing and management of the fleet.

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