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At Trinitas we ensure every business partnership is always a rewarding experience for our clients. This is what makes Trinitas different - we strive to go above and beyond expectations to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Our consultation process is designed to understand you and your needs better. Building long term relationships with our clients is how we ensure we get the right FBT strategies and specific solutions for you.

We believe that education is the best way to get your employees to benefit from salary packaging. We are committed to providing you continuing education via in-house presentation, employee guides, online newsletter and updates.

Packages will be customised to meet the needs of each employee and we will take them through the application and payment procedures, with a full report of the package solution, tax benefits and net take home pay.

We offer an efficient, cost effective, secure method for administering packaged benefits. Ensuring no additional work for you we will integrate seamlessly with your internal systems, with full reporting and communication services.

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For tax planning that benefits both employers and employees – salary packaging is an excellent solution. Trinitas is leading the way in this area, helping companies across Australia put together sound salary packaging solutions that are a win-win for both operations and staff.


A Different Perspective


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